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Wanhat Kupit (Old cups) – A great selection of discontinued Arabia’s rarities and classics

Our online store and our brick-and-mortar store in Turku Maaria hide the real sky of dishes and make the dreams of everyone who collects old Arabia come true. We specialize exclusively in Arabian production and in our selections you will find vessels that have left Arabia production all the way from the late 19th century to the 21st century. Here you will find all the most popular and rare Arabian old coffee cups as well as old plates. In addition to old cups, you will also find Arabian creams, wall plates, spice jars, serving bowls as well as Moomin mugs and other old Arabia in our selection.

Our selection includes hundreds of different Arabia’s coffee cups as well as Arabia’s plates. The products on sale are constantly changing and we add new old Arabia to our online store every week. We buy and sell Arabia’s tableware of all ages that have already left production. Our online store sells Arabia’s tableware around the world.

Our operations began in 2004 in Raisio and today the Wanhat Kupit store is located in Maaria, Turku. The store building is an old school and also serves as a café. Along with shopping, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and fresh buns while admiring the dishes and the idyll of the old house. We have a permanent Arabian children's table exhibition on our premises.

Our online store is open 24 hours a day and our store in Maaria, Turku, is open Fri-Sat from 11 am to 4 pm .

Other times by agreement.

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Wanhat Kupit -store / online store
Paimalantie 369, 20460 Turku

puh +358 50 60654 /Jaana Kaarto
puh. +358 400 321 750  / Harri Koski

The store is located in Turku, Finland, Maaria, Paimalantie 369. The shop is open  Fri -Sat  from 11 am to 4 pm. Other times by agreement.



What if the product breaks in transit?

Wanhat Kupit or the delivery service are responsible for your package until you receive it safely. This means that we will always compensate any damaged, lost or missing items to the customer. Always contact our customer service if you think there is something wrong with your order.

What is the condition of the dishes for sale?

All dishes for sale are intact and otherwise in good condition.

Small amounts of black dots in the ceramic mass, or small dents in the glazing are allowed.

If you want more information or pictures of the products, please contact us by email

"Because of the characteristics of the base material and glaze, there might be slight differences in the shape and texture of the ceramic products, and they might have small black spots on the surface and dents (pinholes) on the glaze. Please be assured that they have no quality problems.”

Translated from:

What are my delivery options?

Wanhat Kupit currently offers two delivery options: Posti (the Finnish postal office in cooperation with your local postal office) and Fedex(a global logistics company). You can select the delivery option you prefer at the checkout page. We also offer a possibility to pick your order up from the Wanhat Kupit shop.

How and when can I contact you?

Our response time is limited to our working hours, but we usually answer to all contacts in 24 hours including weekends. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback sending us an email at

We are more than happy to hear from you!

Do the products have a right of return?

Wanhat Kupit customers have the right to return or exchange any product within 14 days of delivery. The customer pays the costs of the returned and is responsible for returning the products safely to us.

How are the products packed?

After receiving your order we will confirm that all the provided information is correct. We will always choose the best quality items available for your shipment if your order contains items that we have a larger stock than the ordered amount.

We will package your products very carefully focusing on the safety and durability of the package. Please watch the video below.

Do the product prices include taxes and customs duties?

delivery fees do not include any taxes or customs duties.

For products shipped to inside of the EU, or picked up from the store, all taxes are included in the product prices where applicable and there are no customs duties.

For products shipped to outside of the EU, no taxes are included in the product prices, and the receiver will have to pay all the taxes and customs duties separately, as required by the destination country’s customs. For more information about customs duty and import tax you can contact our customer service, or your destination country’s customs.

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